The Break #8 - Random Calls

June 2, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks about his 2018 spring turkey season and makes some random calls to hunting industry professionals including Carl Drake of The Break, Carson Kourey of Final Draw TV, Hal Shaffer of DropZone TV, and Tom Rainey of Browning Trail Cameras.


The Break #7 - Turkey Tom and The Professor

April 21, 2018

Turkey Tom Rainey with Browning Trail Cameras and The Professor, Joe Hoehn, sit down with Derek Dirnberger to talk turkey hunting and finish up with some information about Browning Trail Cameras.


Nocked & Loaded #6 - The Break

April 13, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks about a big change with the podcast, The Break and turkey hunting during opening week in Illinois.


Nocked & Loaded #5 - James Faught

March 13, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks to James Faught about waterfowl hunting, hunting and filming for various outdoor television programs, and his company, Wild Story Productions.


Nocked & Loaded #4 - John Koepp

March 4, 2018

Derek Dirnberger chats with John Koepp of Addiction Calls about how he got started hunting and how he got into the duck, goose and turkey call business.


Nocked & Loaded #3 - Randy Birdsong

February 22, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks to Randy Birdsong of Head Hunters TV about how he got started in the outdoor TV industry, trapping, hunting and other things Randy is involved with including his work with St. Jude Children's Hospital.


Nocked & Loaded #2 - “Kniestedt Foundation”

February 19, 2018

Derek Dirnberger sits down with Joe Rhodes from the "Kniestedt Foundation" to talk about the work they are doing for veterans and active duty military members.


Nocked & Loaded #1 - A “B.S. Session” with Joe Hennemann & Craig Heisserer

February 13, 2018

In the pilot episode of the Nocked & Loaded Podcast, Derek Dirnberger stis down for a "B.S. session" with Joe Hennemann and Craig Heisserer....two good friends, hunting buddies and staff members of The Break TV.