The Break #15 - Browning Takeover

December 5, 2018

Derek gives updates on his hunting season and talks to Tom Rainey from Browning Trail Cameras about his hunting season and plans for a "Browning Takeover" at the ATA Show in January.


The Break #14 - Season Updates

November 5, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks about how the hunting season has gone so far and what The Break will be up to during the rest of the hunting season.


The Break #13 - Greg Staggs

October 5, 2018

Greg Staggs is a published author for multiple hunting and outdoor publications including Field & Stream and Petersen's Bowhunting, and has provided enough venison for his family through bowhunting that he hasn't purchased meat from a store in over 20 years.


The Break #12 - Jeff Sweeney and James Faught

September 19, 2018

Jeff Sweeney is a dog trainer and owns Wounded Duck Retrievers. James Faught is the owner of Wild Story Productions. Derek, Jeff and James talk about dog training and duck hunting.


The Break #11 - Just Derek Talking

August 9, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks about what's been going on lately including planting food plots, Browning Trail Cameras, upcoming hunts, using mock scrapes and a few other things.


The Break #10 - Randy Birdsong and Miranda Fickert

July 16, 2018

Randy Birdsong and Miranda Fickert drop by The Break Podcast to promote their fundraising event for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, a dinner and archery shoot in Poplar Bluff, MO.


The Break #9 - Chris Hamm with HHA Sports

July 6, 2018

Chris Hamm from HHA Sports joins The Break Podcast to talk about the history of HHA, some of the products they manufacture and some of the work HHA is doing in support of our country's veterans and military members.


The Break #8 - Random Calls

June 2, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks about his 2018 spring turkey season and makes some random calls to hunting industry professionals including Carl Drake of The Break, Carson Kourey of Final Draw TV, Hal Shaffer of DropZone TV, and Tom Rainey of Browning Trail Cameras.


The Break #7 - Turkey Tom and The Professor

April 21, 2018

Turkey Tom Rainey with Browning Trail Cameras and The Professor, Joe Hoehn, sit down with Derek Dirnberger to talk turkey hunting and finish up with some information about Browning Trail Cameras.


Nocked & Loaded #6 - The Break

April 13, 2018

Derek Dirnberger talks about a big change with the podcast, The Break and turkey hunting during opening week in Illinois.